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Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Alert

Clermont Autospa has recently adopted the use of Franklin Cleaning Technology's Dutch Plus. This disinfectant spray is certified to fight Covid-19 by the American Chemistry Council. Read more here.

Tier I Products - Products that are in compliance with EPA's Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides

Hand Detailing and Customizations

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At Clermont Auto Spa, we treat you and your vehicle right by offering a wide variety of services, from basic washes to customized luxury detailing

So, bring your car, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, boat, jet ski, other marine or RV to us for superior service, or we'll come to you. 

Great Feedback  Means Great Service!

Julie McKenzie - 

"Where do I start? Thorough and fair estimate for a truck that hadn’t seen a detail in all its 13 years! Very flexible with drop-off and pick-up. Complete attention to detail (no pun intended), and no pricing surprises. I love driving my truck again, thank you! I will be back (not in 13 years either.) "